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2021 Dez 7 Di

bis 8. Dezem­ber 2021 | 8:30 – 12:00

Mode­ling Aniso­tropy and Crys­tals in Vir­tual­Lab Fusion


Dead­line for Request: 30 Novem­ber 2021


Dura­tion and Inten­ded Audience:

  • 3 hours per day | 2 days in sum
  • Addi­tio­nal 30 minu­tes tech­ni­cal check on first trai­ning day
  • Active and pro­spec­tive users of Vir­tual­Lab Fusion who would like to gain a gene­ral under­stan­ding of the mode­ling of aniso­tro­pic media through exer­ci­ses and examp­les. Begin­ner & expe­ri­en­ced level.


Tech­ni­cal Environment:

  • The online trai­ning will be imple­men­ted with the plat­form “WebEx”.
  • Detailed tech­ni­cal inst­ruc­tions will be pro­vi­ded to par­ti­ci­pants in time before training.



We know how important pola­riz­a­tion effects are in modern optics. They can be anything from detri­men­tal side effects not initi­ally taken into account by a design to a desi­red fea­ture of a spe­ci­fic setup, with the vec­to­rial beha­vior offe­ring new degrees of free­dom for the design pro­cess. And gene­rally, if we talk about pola­riz­a­tion, soo­ner or later we will be tal­king about crys­tals and aniso­tropy in gene­ral.

The fast phy­si­cal optics soft­ware Vir­tual­Lab Fusion boasts a tho­rough elec­tro­ma­gne­tic tre­at­ment of the field, from the spe­ci­fi­ca­tion of the source to the defi­ni­tion of the detec­tor func­tion, through the response of the com­pon­ents, so that all vec­to­rial effects in the sys­tem can be con­si­de­red. And now, with the release of the 2021.1 ver­sion, it also comes with a sol­ver for aniso­tro­pic media fully embed­ded in its power­ful field tra­cing engine! In this inter­ac­tive online trai­ning, our opti­cal engi­nee­ring experts will give you a brief over­view of the basic tech­no­logy of Vir­tual­Lab Fusion, intro­duce the new aniso­tropy-rela­ted fea­tures, and walk you through the simu­la­tion of several rele­vant examples!

Lear­ning Outcomes

  • Become fami­liar with the basics of our con­nec­ting field sol­vers technology
  • Learn how to set up an opti­cal sys­tem inclu­ding aniso­tro­pic media & crystals
  • Per­form simu­la­ti­ons of basic expe­ri­ments with aniso­tropy, like birefringence
  • Use crys­tals in prac­ti­cal app­li­ca­ti­ons, like a reflec­tive pola­ri­zer for use in an LCD
  • Dive into new oppor­tu­nities for the design of opti­cal coa­tings with aniso­tro­pic layers





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