News › Jen­op­tik pres­ents ver­sa­tile pho­to­nic solu­ti­ons at LASER World of PHOTONICS

At the lea­ding trade fair for pho­to­nics in Munich, Ger­many, Jen­op­tik will be pre­sen­ting its broad pro­duct port­fo­lio of high-per­for­mance opti­cal com­pon­ents and sys­tems, which serve cur­rent trends in bio­pho­to­nics, laser pro­duc­tion, opto­elec­tro­nics, data trans­mis­sion and imaging.

Visi­tors to the LASER World of PHOTONICS can look for­ward to pro­duct inno­va­tions from Jen­op­tik from 26 to 29 April 2022, which will ensure grea­ter effi­ci­ency and pre­cis­ion, espe­ci­ally in the semi­con­duc­tor indus­try, medi­cal tech­no­logy and Laser mate­rial pro­ces­sing. In addi­tion to new len­ses and beam expan­ders, Jen­op­tik pro­vi­des infor­ma­tion about the JEN­velt® opti­cal sys­tem using live demons­tra­ti­ons. The latest gene­ra­tion of the UFO Probe® Card, an intel­li­gent test solu­tion for PIC wafer test­ing, will also be on display.

Using a minia­ture ver­sion of the Mars rover “Per­se­ver­ance”, trade fair visi­tors can also find out about the opti­cal tech­no­lo­gies and pro­ducts that Jen­op­tik engi­neers have deve­lo­ped, tes­ted and manu­fac­tu­red for NASA’s cur­rent “Mars 2020” mission.

Visit the Jen­op­tik at the LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich from 26 to 29 April 2022 at stand #B5.241.

Images can be down­loa­ded from the Jen­op­tik image data­base in the Pro­ducts gal­lery or by using this direct link.

Pro­duct inno­va­tions for laser mate­rial processing

With the new JENar® APTA­lineTM series, pho­to­nics spe­cia­list Jen­op­tik offers F‑Theta len­ses that are opti­mally tail­o­red to cus­to­mer requi­re­ments. Jen­op­tik is thus respon­ding to the con­stantly chan­ging needs of the mar­ket and expan­ding its range of appli­ca­ti­ons with the new F‑Theta series. The high-power quartz glass len­ses offer a cost-opti­mi­zed alter­na­tive for deman­ding appli­ca­ti­ons where relia­bi­lity, series sta­bi­lity and dura­bi­lity are important. They are available in wave­lengths of 355 nm and 1030–1080 nm. The JENar® APTA­lineTM len­ses are based on the pro­ven mecha­ni­cal and opti­cal design of Jen­op­tik and are sub­ject to the same high-qua­lity stan­dards as the exis­ting F‑Theta products.

In the field of beam expan­sion, the Fix-BEX beam expan­ders with fixed enlar­ge­ment sup­ple­ment the Jen­op­tik pro­duct port­fo­lio. Whe­ther instal­led as 1.5x, 2x, 4x or 8x ver­sion: They prove to be the choice for appli­ca­ti­ons that require a con­stant zoom fac­tor and high image qua­lity. Fix-BEX beam expan­ders are available for wave­lengths of 355 nm, 515…540 nm or 1030…1080 nm and offer a large input aper­ture of up to 8 mm (1/e2). The high-pre­cis­ion opti­cal design allows for dif­frac­tion-limi­ted ima­ging and pre­vents inter­nal foki. Like the pre­vious beam expan­ders, the new Fix-BEX ver­si­ons also have a diver­gence setting.

The housings are made of alu­mi­num or stain­less steel for high resis­tance and dura­bi­lity. The opti­cal ele­ments are made of robust quartz glass with AR coa­ting. All Fix-BEX ver­si­ons have a thread on both sides and can be ope­ra­ted in reverse mode.

Opto­elec­tro­nic solu­tion for wafer level testing

Jenoptik’s opto­elec­tro­nic UFO Probe® Card offers wafer manu­fac­tu­r­ers and wafer test equip­ment pro­vi­ders a time-saving and yield-enhan­cing solu­tion for syn­chro­nous test­ing of elec­tro­nic and pho­to­nic com­pon­ents – all with a sin­gle test card. The UFO Probe® Card is desi­gned to work on exis­ting elec­tro­nic wafer test infra­struc­ture. This allows for quick and easy chan­geo­ver bet­ween pure elec­tri­cal and opto-elec­tri­cal test­ing setup wit­hout addi­tio­nal effort. The probe card com­bi­nes an optics module for func­tional test­ing of pho­to­nic inte­gra­ted cir­cuits (PICs) and a clas­sic needle tes­ter for test­ing elec­tro­nic com­pon­ents. Par­al­lel test­ing of seve­ral chips is also envi­sa­ged with the UFO-Probe® Card and allows effi­ci­ent pro­duc­tion of high-per­for­mance chips, espe­ci­ally in high-volume production.

About Jen­op­tik

Opti­cal tech­no­lo­gies are the core our busi­ness: Jen­op­tik is a glo­bally ope­ra­ting tech­no­logy group and is active in the two pho­to­nics-based divi­si­ons Advan­ced Pho­to­nic Solu­ti­ons and Smart Mobi­lity Solu­ti­ons. Our key tar­get mar­kets pri­ma­rily include the semi­con­duc­tor equip­ment and elec­tro­nics indus­tries, life sci­ence and medi­cal tech­no­logy, as well as traf­fic and secu­rity. Appro­xi­m­ately 4,900 employees work for Jen­op­tik world­wide. The Group’s head­quar­ters are in Jena, Ger­many. JENOPTIK AG is lis­ted on the Frank­furt Stock Exch­ange in Ger­many and is included in the SDax and TecDax. In the fis­cal year 2021, the Group gene­ra­ted reve­nue of 895.7 mil­lion euros, the con­ti­nuing ope­ra­ti­ons con­tri­bu­ted reve­nue of 750.7 mil­lion euros.

The Advan­ced Pho­to­nic Solu­ti­ons divi­sion of Jen­op­tik is a glo­bal OEM and machine sup­plier of solu­ti­ons powered by pho­to­nics. Our engi­nee­ring exper­tise excels across a broad port­fo­lio of tech­no­lo­gies in the fields of optics, laser tech­no­logy, digi­tal ima­ging, opto­elec­tro­nics, sen­sors, as-well-as opti­cal test and mea­su­re­ment equip­ment. We enable lea­ding machine and equip­ment manu­fac­tu­r­ers in the semi­con­duc­tor, laser mate­rial pro­ces­sing, life sci­ence and bio­pho­to­nics, indus­trial auto­ma­tion, auto­mo­tive and secu­rity indus­tries. As a relia­ble and fle­xi­ble deve­lo­p­ment and pro­duc­tion part­ner, we apply our strengths in key tech­no­lo­gies to solve our cus­to­mers’ most deman­ding requi­re­ments. Our sys­tems, modu­les and com­pon­ents put our cus­to­mers in the lead by hel­ping them mas­ter their future chal­lenges through the power of light.


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