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Class 5 Pho­to­nics is a spin-off com­pany of DESY (Deut­sches Elek­tro­nen-Syn­chro­tron) and Helm­holtz Insti­tute Jena. It pro­vi­des high power fem­to­se­cond lasers based on a modu­lar opti­cal para­metric chir­ped-pulse ampli­fi­ca­tion (OPCPA) sys­tem. The desi­gned OPCPA sys­tems and upgrade modu­les can be cus­to­mi­zed to fit the cus­to­mers expe­ri­men­tal or indus­trial needs.
Class 5 Pho­to­nics deli­vers high-power OPCPA sys­tems with out­stan­ding performance:

  • extreme power at extreme wav­elengths with award-win­ning pro­ducts ser­ving the ultra­fast com­mu­nity with wav­elengths ran­ging from high-flux extreme-ultra­vio­let (XUV) to high-field Terahertz
  • enab­ling rese­ar­chers in phy­sics, che­mi­stry, and bio­logy to con­duct out­stan­ding rese­arch at the fron­tiers of their fields
  • a strong back­ground in ultra­fast rese­arch – achie­ving maxi­mum bene­fit for the customer‘s app­li­ca­tion by a tailo­red laser design, rea­li­zing high power sca­la­bi­lity in dif­fe­rent spec­tral regi­ons from the visi­ble to the mid-infrared.