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Con­fo­vis is a deve­lo­per and manu­fac­tu­rer of opti­cal 3D sur­face mea­su­re­ment sys­tems based on the paten­ted 3D mea­su­re­ment tech­no­logy “Struc­tu­red Illu­mi­na­tion Micro­scopy” (SIM). Advan­ta­ges of the Con­fo­vis SIM method com­pa­red to laser scan­ning micro­scopes and other con­fo­cal mea­su­ring devices are the data qua­lity and mea­su­re­ment speed. Con­fo­vis is able to mea­sure unknown mate­ri­als with nano­me­ter accuracy.
In addi­tion to the con­fo­cal SIM mea­su­re­ment tech­no­logy, focus varia­tion is also avail­able to the user. Both methods com­ple­ment each other per­fectly and results can be mer­ged into a 3D eva­lua­tion. As a result, a wide variety of sur­faces with dif­fe­rent topo­gra­phy and reflec­ti­vity can be mea­su­red in a mat­ter of seconds.