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FBGS Tech­no­lo­gies is a lea­ding manu­fac­tu­rer of fiber optic sen­sors based on fiber Bragg gra­ting tech­no­logy. In this pro­cess, opti­cal fibers are modi­fied via a laser pro­ces­sing step so that they func­tion as a spec­t­rally encoded sen­sor. FBGS pro­du­ces and deve­lops sen­sor fibers based on the world­wide uni­que dra­wing tower tech­no­logy, in which the sen­sors are manu­fac­tu­red during the pro­duc­tion of an opti­cal fiber. Con­sis­ting of two com­pa­nies (FBGS Tech­no­lo­gies in Jena, Ger­many and FBGS Inter­na­tio­nal in Geel, Bel­gium), FBGS ope­ra­tes in a glo­bal mar­ket envi­ron­ment with sales offices in the UK and the USA.