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Fibo­tec Fiber­op­tics GmbH core com­pe­tence lies in the field of fiber­op­tics because of a long history of coope­ra­tion with well-known OEM part­ners and end users. Cus­to­mers trust their exper­tise to sup­ply reli­able ser­vice and unsur­pas­sed qua­lity of pro­ducts that can be used in mass pro­duc­tion or cus­tom manu­fac­tu­red mea­su­ring devices.
Fibo­tec wants to main­tain and expand their posi­tion as a world lea­der in Opti­cal Reflec­to­me­ters (OTDR) based on the cor­re­la­ti­ons tech­no­logy, where there’s a dyna­mic growth poten­tial for future applications.