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The Fraun­ho­fer Insti­tute for Cera­mic Tech­no­lo­gies and Sys­tems IKTS con­ducts applied rese­arch on high-per­for­mance cera­mics. The institute‘s sites in Dres­den and Herms­dorf (Thu­rin­gia) coll­ec­tively repre­sent Europe‘s lar­gest R&D insti­tute dedi­ca­ted to the study of ceramics.
As a rese­arch and tech­no­logy ser­vice pro­vi­der, the Fraun­ho­fer IKTS deve­lops modern cera­mic high-per­for­mance mate­ri­als, cus­to­mi­zed indus­trial manu­fac­tu­ring pro­ces­ses and crea­tes pro­to­type com­pon­ents and sys­tems in com­plete pro­duc­tion lines from labo­ra­tory scale to pilot plant scale. Fur­ther­more, the insti­tute has exper­tise in dia­gno­stics and test­ing of mate­ri­als and pro­ces­ses. Test pro­ce­du­res in the fields of acou­stics, elec­tro­ma­gne­tics, optics, micro­scopy and laser tech­no­logy con­tri­bute sub­stan­ti­ally to the qua­lity assu­rance of pro­ducts and plants.
Fraun­ho­fer IKTS works in eight mar­ket-ori­en­ted busi­ness divi­si­ons in which it demons­tra­tes and qua­li­fies cera­mic tech­no­lo­gies and com­pon­ents as well as non-des­truc­tive test methods for new indus­tries, pro­duct con­cepts and mar­kets bey­ond the con­ven­tio­nal areas of appli­ca­tion. These disci­pli­nes include cera­mic mate­ri­als and pro­ces­ses, mecha­ni­cal and auto­mo­tive engi­nee­ring, elec­tro­nics and micro­sys­tems, energy, envi­ron­men­tal and pro­cess engi­nee­ring, (bio-)medical engi­nee­ring, optics as well as mate­ri­als and pro­cess analysis.