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Based on paten­ted tech­no­logy, Hete­romerge offers inno­va­tive hard­ware, that enables fast and con­ve­ni­ent multi-mate­rial 3D prin­ting on two-pho­ton 3D-prin­ter sys­tems – sub­strate inde­pen­dent, on wafer level, and wit­hout any size rest­ric­tions. The hard­ware enables cus­to­mers to reach multi-mate­rial 3D prin­ting at hig­hest reso­lu­tion, a com­bi­na­tion of diverse mate­ri­als in an unpre­ce­den­ted way by voxel-level mate­rial con­trol with up to the 10 nm pla­ce­ment accuracy.

Wit­hout design limi­ta­ti­ons the best of two worlds is pos­si­ble: free-form 3D design and a choice of mate­ri­als. Moreo­ver ten times fas­ter than the stan­dard multi-mate­rial solu­ti­ons the full poten­tial in hybrid geo­me­try-mate­rial-co-design can be rea­li­zed and will shor­ten R&D cycles through con­ti­nuous prin­ting. Micro­op­tics or inte­gra­ted pho­to­nics on device sub­stra­tes for tem­pe­ra­ture sen­si­tive pro­ces­ses can be put directly on active devices.