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LaCo­Sys GmbH is a lea­ding com­pany in elec­tro­nics, soft­ware and hard­ware ser­vices for laser tech­no­logy and spe­cia­li­zed in the fol­lowing areas:

LaCo­Sys deve­lops in C and C ++ for modern pro­ces­sors from 8‑bit to ARM and CPLD to DSP app­li­ca­tion-ori­en­ted source codes with the hig­hest per­for­mance and focus on device secu­rity. Modern tailo­red con­trol algo­rithms to the cus­to­mer app­li­ca­tion are sear­ched for and implemented.

The sen­sors in the field of lasers range from fast pho­to­di­odes with and without ampli­fiers, low noise power meters and peak detec­tors to high-speed PMT ampli­fiers. For the sys­tems, all rele­vant phy­si­cal varia­bles such as tem­pe­ra­ture, flow, pres­sure, etc. are recorded.

Ever­ything comes tog­e­ther here, inno­va­tive soft­ware, sen­sors and con­trol tech­no­logy with expe­ri­ence from indus­trial sys­tems and inno­va­tions directly from the Pho­to­nics Cam­pus in Jena. Com­bi­ning com­plex sys­tems with cri­ti­cal com­pon­ents in one device is a chal­lenge for LaCoSys.

Every pho­ton is an energy car­rier – LaCo­Sys car­ries the energy to the pho­tons. Laser power sup­plies are among the most sophisti­ca­ted power sup­ply sys­tems of our time. Here LaCo­Sys can rely on sys­tems from estab­lis­hed sup­pliers as well as on own inno­va­tive developments.