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Mahr is a world­wide ope­ra­ting, medium-sized family-run busi­ness whose name is tra­di­tio­nally con­nec­ted with the terms pro­duc­tion metro­logy, qua­lity and inno­va­tion. In addi­tion to high-qua­lity mea­su­ring units to test work­piece geo­me­try, also high-pre­cision gear and mete­ring pumps and high-pre­cision rotary stroke bea­rings as a uni­ver­sal ele­ment for mecha­ni­cal con­struc­tions are essen­tial com­pon­ents of the pro­duct pro­gram. Most rele­vant for the pho­to­nics indus­try is Mahrs busi­ness field of sys­tem metro­logy (sur­faces, forms, cali­bra­tion mea­su­ring machi­nes etc.) Other app­li­ca­tion bran­ches are auto­mo­tive, pre­cision mecha­nics, elec­tro­nics, medi­cal tech­no­logy, air and space industry.