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nanop­lus is the only manu­fac­tu­rer world­wide rou­ti­nely pro­vi­ding sin­gle and multi mode lasers at any wav­elength from 760 to 6000 nm. At wav­elengths up to 14 μm, QCLs com­plete nanop­lus’ laser port­fo­lio. The paten­ted dis­tri­bu­ted feed­back laser diodes deli­ver sin­gle mode emis­sion with well defi­ned opti­cal pro­per­ties enab­ling a wide range of app­li­ca­ti­ons. nanop­lus lasers ope­rate reli­ably in tens of thousands of instal­la­ti­ons world­wide, inclu­ding che­mi­cal and metall­ur­gi­cal indus­tries, gas pipe­lines, power plants, medi­cal sys­tems and aero­space applications.