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OPTEC Jena GmbH pro­du­ces cus­to­mer-spe­ci­fic plano optics such as plane pla­tes, mir­rors, win­dows, fil­ters and wed­ges of the hig­hest qua­lity. In addi­tion, the pro­duct range has also been expan­ded with cylind­ri­cal and toric optics since June 2019. The machine park ensu­res the pro­duc­tion of small quan­ti­ties up to series pro­ducts at attrac­tive con­di­ti­ons that meet the hig­hest demands. OPTEC JENA GmbH manu­fac­tures from a wide variety of quartz glas­ses, from opti­cal glas­ses and colo­red glas­ses, from boro­si­li­cate glass, glass cer­a­mics and simi­lar glas­ses. The optics can be deli­ve­red with the requi­red coa­tings. High-qua­lity mea­su­re­ment and test pro­ce­du­res for docu­men­ting flat­ness and rough­ness com­plete the pro­file of OPTEC Jena.