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ZEISS IOL­Mas­ter soft­ware update enab­les grea­ter cata­ract work­flow effi­ci­ency to sup­port bet­ter out­co­mes for sur­ge­ons and patients

  • The Cen­tral Topo­gra­phy fea­ture enhan­ces the cata­ract work­flow with more insights on cen­tral cor­neal shape.
  • ZEISS EQ Mobile stream­li­nes the cata­ract work­flow by allowing sur­ge­ons to trans­fer sur­gi­cal plan­ning data via the cloud to the ope­ra­ting room using their mobile device.
  • Bar­rett True K with Total Ker­ato­me­try (TK®) for­mula impro­ves pre­dic­tions for post-refrac­tive sur­gery pati­ents, with up to 12 per­cent more post-myo­pic LASIK pati­ents wit­hin ±0.5D com­pa­red to the clas­sic K cal­cu­la­tion for­mula (1).

ZEISS announ­ces new soft­ware for the IOL­Mas­ter® 700, with enhan­ced fea­tures and con­nec­ti­vity desi­gned to improve the cata­ract sur­ge­ons’ work­flow effi­ci­ency and sup­port bet­ter out­co­mes for sur­ge­ons and pati­ents. This latest soft­ware update inclu­des Cen­tral Topo­gra­phy for more insights on cor­neal shape, empowers doc­tors to access sur­gi­cal plan­ning data on their mobile device with EQ Mobile® from ZEISS, and offers Bar­rett True K with Total Ker­ato­me­try (TK®) for­mula.

“ZEISS is dedi­ca­ted to advan­cing eye care through the deve­lo­p­ment of new and inno­va­tive solu­ti­ons, like the enhan­ced soft­ware fea­tures of the IOL­Mas­ter 700,” says Euan Thom­son, PhD, Pre­si­dent of Oph­thal­mic Devices and Head of the Digi­tal Busi­ness Unit for Carl Zeiss Medi­tec. “With our com­pre­hen­sive port­fo­lio of oph­thal­mic solu­ti­ons, we will con­ti­nue to help make the cata­ract work­flow a bet­ter expe­ri­ence for both sur­ge­ons and patients.”

Start the cata­ract work­flow with more insights

Cata­ract sur­ge­ons need data insights that enhance their work­flow effi­ci­ency. Using the Cen­tral Topo­gra­phy soft­ware fea­ture, sur­ge­ons can gain addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion and detect visually rele­vant asym­me­tries on cen­tral cor­neal shape with the stan­dard ZEISS IOL­Mas­ter 700 mea­su­re­ment. Cen­tral Topo­gra­phy, a new fea­ture based on Tele­centric 3‑zone Ker­ato­me­try and SWEPT-Source OCT, impro­ves the cata­ract work­flow without nee­ding extra mea­su­re­ments, extra hard­ware, or extra time – a more intui­tive rea­ding without chan­ging the cata­ract surgeon’s workflow.

“Sca­ling and hues of the ZEISS IOL­Mas­ter 700 with Cen­tral Topo­gra­phy are opti­mi­zed for easy and intui­tive cor­nea checks,” says Dr. Dou­glas D. Koch, MD, a co-deve­lo­per of the Cen­tral Topo­gra­phy soft­ware fea­ture. “I am ama­zed at how much infor­ma­tion we get from Cen­tral Topography.”

Stream­line cata­ract work­flow with data access via the cloud

When prac­ti­cing at mul­ti­ple sites, cata­ract sur­ge­ons need access to appro­ved cal­cu­la­ti­ons in real-time. With the latest ZEISS IOL­Mas­ter 700 soft­ware, doc­tors can send their bio­me­try data and scle­ral refe­rence images via ZEISS EQ Mobile to CALLISTO eye® from ZEISS for com­pu­ter assis­ted sur­gery, stream­li­ning the cata­ract workflow.

EQ Mobile, a cloud-based con­nec­ti­vity option, acces­ses IOL cal­cu­la­tion reports on the doctor’s mobile device and allows them to trans­fer sur­gi­cal plan­ning data via the cloud to the ope­ra­ting room.

“EQ Mobile has greatly sim­pli­fied my cata­ract work­flow, as it allows me to easily review and approve ZEISS IOL­Mas­ter 700 bio­me­try mea­su­re­ments and IOL power cal­cu­la­ti­ons remo­tely on my mobile device, whe­re­ver I am,” says Dr. Flo­rian Kretz, MD, from Augen­arzte Gerl, Kretz and Kol­le­gen in Rheine, Germany.

Improve pre­dic­tions for post-refrac­tive sur­gery pati­ents with a new IOL power calculation

With the rate of post-sur­gery cata­ract incre­a­sing among pati­ents who pre­viously had refrac­tive cor­neal sur­gery, cata­ract sur­ge­ons are loo­king for ways to have fewer refrac­tive sur­pri­ses. To improve pre­dic­tions for post-refrac­tive sur­gery pati­ents, the ZEISS IOL­Mas­ter 700 soft­ware update fea­tures the new Bar­rett True K with TK for­mula with up to 12 per­cent more post-myo­pic LASIK pati­ents wit­hin ±0.5D com­pa­red to the clas­sic K cal­cu­la­tion for­mula (1). Bar­rett True K with TK for­mula uses ZEISS IOL­Mas­ter 700 TK without the need for online cal­cu­la­tors and manual data input. The cata­ract work­flow doesn’t change, just the pati­ent predictions.

“As the Bar­rett True K with TK for­mula is fully inte­gra­ted into the ZEISS IOL­Mas­ter 700 Bar­rett Suite, sur­ge­ons get all requi­red mea­su­re­ments and cal­cu­la­tion tools on board and do not need to manu­ally trans­fer data to online cal­cu­la­tors,” said Prof. Gra­ham Bar­rett from the Lions Eye Insti­tute in Perth, Aus­tra­lia, and creator of the Bar­rett Toric Cal­cu­la­tor. “This incre­a­ses safety and effi­ci­ency in these usually dif­fi­cult-to-handle cases of post cor­neal refrac­tive sur­gery IOL power calculation.”

The ZEISS IOL­Mas­ter 700 soft­ware update 1.90 with Cen­tral Topo­gra­phy with CE mark is now avail­able to most sur­ge­ons world­wide inclu­ding U.S. markets.

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(1) Law­less, Michael; Jiang, James Y.; Hodge, Chris; Sut­ton, Ger­ard; Roberts, Timo­thy V.; Bar­rett, Gra­ham (2020): Total ker­ato­me­try in intrao­cu­lar lens power cal­cu­la­ti­ons in eyes with pre­vious laser refrac­tive sur­gery. In: Cli­ni­cal & expe­ri­men­tal oph­thal­mo­logy 48 (6), S. 749–756.

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