Talent Pro­mo­tion


With the »Opto­Net Kita-Kof­fer« we inspire the new gene­ra­tion of employees for phe­no­mena around light. It is equip­ped with opti­cal expe­ri­ments sui­ta­ble for child­ren and takes us on a jour­ney to young rese­ar­chers in kin­der­gar­tens in the region. Com­pactly packed, it is also available for you to borrow.



How do you manage suc­cessful and future-ori­en­ted coope­ra­ti­ons with schools? With »Extra­Klasse«, Opto­Net sup­ports you in the estab­lish­ment of school coope­ra­ti­ons with a tail­o­red pro­gram of tech­no­logy focu­sed work­shops, eti­quette trai­ning and the essen­tial pinch of fun and enthusiasm.

Pho­to­nics needs talent

With our MASTER+ talent pro­gram, we serve you the brigh­test minds of Thu­rin­gian uni­ver­si­ties on a sil­ver plat­ter. In close coope­ra­tion with our indus­try part­ners, we pave the way for sel­ec­ted stu­dents to enter the pho­to­nics indus­try and prepare them for a career in your com­pany with a cus­to­mi­zed pro­gram of excur­si­ons, trai­ning cour­ses and tech­ni­cal workshops.

Pro­gram Modules

  • Com­pany excursions
  • Team and career trainings
  • work on projects
  • Pla­ce­ment of stu­dent employees
  • Repre­sen­ta­tion at trade fairs
  • Career advice

Pho­to­nics needs orientation

The majo­rity of employees in the Opto­Net clus­ter are highly qua­li­fied skil­led workers. The trai­ning quota is only 5%. For the coming years, many com­pa­nies are expec­ting fur­ther per­son­nel growth and a neces­sary increase in their trai­ning acti­vi­ties. Here you will find sug­ges­ti­ons on how to get clo­ser to this goal.

Here you will find inspi­ra­tion to focus your mar­ke­ting acti­vi­ties on a young tar­get group and bring a breath of fresh air into your recruiting.

Get in touch with gene­ra­tion Z

RKW’s work­book con­ta­ins four gui­de­lines on the sub­ject of trai­nee mar­ke­ting – with a spe­cial focus on small com­pa­nies. Empha­sis is pla­ced on the ques­ti­ons of what makes an attrac­tive trai­ning com­pany and what a tar­ge­ted approach to appli­cants looks like – espe­ci­ally with regard to Gene­ra­tion Z.


Your com­pany through the eyes of your tar­get group

The IHK Erfurt Same here pro­ject lets young peo­ple tell sto­ries and blogs about your com­pany via Insta­gram and shows in an action-packed way which trai­ning occu­pa­ti­ons you offer.


Net­flix for companies

Young peo­ple want to know who they are deal­ing with: what makes an employer, what a typi­cal daily rou­tine looks like and who the employees behind the com­pany name are. Wat­chado offers an enter­tai­ning way to pre­sent your com­pany briefly, cris­ply and authen­ti­cally through employee videos.

visit wat­chado

Here you will find check­lists and hel­pful links for plan­ning and orga­ni­s­ing your trai­ning activities.

First Steps

You have not yet trai­ned and need a time­ta­ble for con­tent and time plan­ning? Then use the cle­arly arran­ged checklists:

Trai­ning Planning

Trai­ning recommendations

Qua­li­täty Check: Stan­dards und Structures

Are you still on the right track with your trai­ning orga­ni­sa­tion? The Fede­ral Minis­try of Voca­tio­nal Edu­ca­tion and Trai­ning has published a guide with hel­pful fur­ther links to keep the qua­lity of trai­ning at a high level, espe­ci­ally in SMEs.

Trai­ning Guidelines

Deve­lo­ping Potential

Would you like to offer a young per­son who does not opti­mally ful­fil the for­mal requi­re­ments a start in working life? The solu­tion: a com­pany-based intro­duc­tory qua­li­fi­ca­tion (EQ)


Do you want to increase the num­ber of appli­cants who respond to your adver­ti­sed vacan­cies? Here you will find hel­pful tips on how to suc­cessfully search for junior staff.

Visit Career fairs

Get in cont­act with the tar­get group and visit one of the num­e­rous career and trai­ning fairs in Thu­rin­gia. Per­haps you’ll even take one of your trai­nees with you on your trip as a brand ambassador?


JUPITER: Plat­form for Internships

Regis­ter on the JUPITER plat­form and let stu­dents find you. Intern­ships or holi­day jobs are the ideal way to attract the tar­get group and to find out about the talents and abili­ties of poten­tial trainees.

JUPITER helps to estab­lish cont­acts and offers dif­fe­rent ways to bring stu­dents into your com­pany. In addi­tion, you will find an over­view of intern­ship peri­ods at schools and school events that you can use to pre­sent your company.

JUPITER Web­site

Train the Trainee

Let the next gene­ra­tion speak for you and train your trai­nees as brand ambassa­dors for your com­pany. The IHK offers free cour­ses that prepare your young spe­cia­lists to repre­sent their com­pany in a way that is appro­priate for the tar­get group.


Find Trai­nees nationwide

In order to expand your audi­ence, SMEs should also expand your search hori­zon and con­sider recrui­ting trai­nees out­side your region.


Your ideal trade fair com­pa­n­ion: in the »Mis­sion Light« bro­chure, which was pro­du­ced in coope­ra­tion with jena­wirt­schaft, a young audi­ence will find an over­view of the diverse pro­fes­si­ons in pho­to­nics using the exam­ple of »real« trai­nees from the region.

»Mis­sion Light« brochure