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Lumun­dus GmbH deve­lops inno­va­tive solu­ti­ons in the field of ligh­t­ing tech­no­logy. This inclu­des the ent­ire deve­lo­p­ment of lumin­aires and ligh­t­ing com­pon­ents in all pro­ject pha­ses – from the idea to the start of series production.
Using the latest opti­cal simu­la­tion pro­grams, Lumun­dus cal­cu­la­tes the ligh­t­ing beha­vior of com­pon­ents and sys­tems and deve­lops pro­duc­tion-ori­en­ted solu­ti­ons for your application.
During deve­lo­p­ment, Lumun­dus mea­su­res the spa­tial and spec­tral dis­tri­bu­tion of ligh­t­ing para­me­ters in the light labo­ra­tory, such as: Illu­mi­nance, Lumin­ous inten­sity, Lumi­nance, Light color and Lumin­ous flux.
LED and OLED lights require effi­ci­ent con­trol elec­tro­nics and coor­di­na­ted ther­mal manage­ment. Lumun­dus deve­lops con­trol cir­cuits for LED and OLED lights such as: Cur­rent regu­la­tor, DC-DC con­ver­ter, PWM cir­cuits and RGB controls.
In pro­to­type con­struc­tion, the com­pany pro­du­ces ligh­t­ing pro­to­ty­pes as well as LED and OLED lights for spe­cial app­li­ca­ti­ons. With these pro­to­ty­pes, the ligh­t­ing beha­vior can already be repre­sen­ted rea­listi­cally in model making.