News 鈥 Ser颅vus Munich 路 We look for颅ward to see颅ing you again at LASER 2023

Over颅view of the Opto颅Net trade show presence

鈫 Mon颅day 26.6.2023 鈥 18:30 鈥 21:00 hrs.
We invite you to 馃エPho颅to颅nics & Pret颅zels 馃嵑 and look for颅ward to a con颅vi颅vial evening in a Bava颅rian restau颅rant in the cen颅ter of Munich. We expect guests from our part颅ner clus颅ters, feel free to bring your busi颅ness partner:inside as well. As always, the first round will be on Opto颅Net, please plan din颅ner on a self-pay basis. So that we can reserve a place for ever颅yone, we wel颅come bin颅ding registrations.

Pho颅to颅nics & Pret颅zels 鈭 Opto颅Net & Fri颅ends at LASER Munich

鈫 Tues颅day 27.6.2023
We are on the road for you at the trade show. We are loo颅king for颅ward to see颅ing you again!
For the first time, our MASTER+ stu颅dents 馃帗 will also be roa颅ming the fair with us and stop颅ping by Thu颅rin颅gian com颅pa颅nies and rese颅arch institutions.

鈫 Wed颅nes颅day 28.6.2023
We are on the road for you at the trade fair.

The exhi颅bi颅tors from our cir颅cle of mem颅bers and Thuringia

ACKTAR (ACM Coa颅tings GmbH) B1.123 Mem颅ber
Active Fiber Sys颅tems GmbH A3.333 Mem颅ber
aspher颅icon GmbH B1.320 Mem颅ber
BATOP GmbH A2.217 Mem颅ber
Carl Zeiss AG A3.304 Mem颅ber
CDA GmbH B1.401 Mem颅ber
Class 5 Pho颅to颅nics GmbH A3.124 Mem颅ber
DeepEn B2.150
Doc颅ter Optics SE B1.323 Mem颅ber
Fraun颅ho颅fer IOF A2.415 Mem颅ber
Fraun颅ho颅fer IPMS A2.415 Mem颅ber
Fraun颅ho颅fer MEOS A2.415  
Fried颅rich-Schil颅ler-Uni颅ver颅si颅t盲t Jena | Lichtwerkstatt B2.441 Mem颅ber
Gesell颅schaft f眉r Bild- und Signal颅ver颅ar颅bei颅tung (GBS) mbH A3.216  
Git颅ter颅werk GmbH B3.503 Mem颅ber
Grin颅tech GmbH B1.328 Mem颅ber
Hellma Mate颅ri颅als GmbH B1.228  
hera颅cle GmbH B2.532 Mem颅ber
Inge颅nieur颅b眉ro I鈥慫 GmbH B1.341  
JAT 鈥 Jenaer Antriebs颅tech颅nik GmbH B3.351  
JENOPTIK AG B2.123 Mem颅ber
JETI Tech颅ni颅sche Instru颅mente GmbH A3.200  
LASOS Laser颅tech颅nik GmbH B2.210 Mem颅ber
LAYERTEC GmbH B1.231 Mem颅ber
Leib颅niz Gesundheitstechnologien B2.150  
Leis颅tungs颅elek颅tro颅nik Jena GmbH B1.341 Mem颅ber
Light颅Trans Inter颅na颅tio颅nal GmbH B1.211 Mem颅ber
LLT Appli颅ka颅tion GmbH B3.206 Mem颅ber
LWL-Sach颅sen颅ka颅bel GmbH A2.331 Mem颅ber
Mahr GmbH A4.301 Mem颅ber
MICROS Optics GmbH & Co. KG B1.225  
nano颅plus Nano颅sys颅tems and Tech颅no颅lo颅gies GmbH A2.322 Mem颅ber
OPTIKRON GmbH B1.236 Mem颅ber
Pfarr Stanz颅tech颅nik GmbH B3.506  
Pho颅to颅nics Pre颅cis颅ion Engi颅nee颅ring GmbH B1.530.4 Mem颅ber
pie颅zo颅sys颅tem jena GmbH A2.232 Mem颅ber
POG Pr盲颅zi颅si颅ons颅op颅tik Gera GmbH B1.315 Mem颅ber
Prior Sci颅en颅ti颅fic Instru颅ments GmbH A3.521  
Quan颅tum Optics Jena GmbH A1.312 Mem颅ber
ROBUST AO GmbH B3.507 Mem颅ber
SIOS Me脽颅tech颅nik GmbH A3.312 Mem颅ber
SPACEOPTIX GmbH B1.127 Mem颅ber
Speck Sen颅sor颅sys颅teme GmbH B1.341  
Th眉颅rin颅ger Pr盲颅zi颅sion und Know-how FAKT KOMMUNIKATION B1.341  
VITRON Spe颅zi颅al颅werk颅stoffe GmbH B1.315 Mem颅ber
VM-TIM GmbH B1.112  
WEINERT Fiber Optics GmbH A2.311 Mem颅ber



Cover pic颅ture: Copy颅right Messe M眉nchen