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We wel­come our 113th mem­ber and are plea­sed about the future coope­ra­tion with the Stif­tung Deut­sches Opti­sches Museum (D.O.M.).

The foun­da­tion has the task to expand the exis­ting museum to the Ger­man Opti­cal Museum (D.O.M.) and at the same time to con­so­li­date Jena as a city of light and as a cen­ter for opti­cal tech­no­lo­gies. The museum will con­ti­nue Jena’s opti­cal tra­di­ti­ons at its cur­rent loca­tion on a his­to­ric site in the cen­ter of the city and will pre­serve, sci­en­ti­fi­cally deve­lop and pre­sent exis­ting collections.

Prof. Dr. Timo Mappes

Com­mon goals and topics are pri­ma­rily in the areas of pro­mo­ting young talent and STEM awa­re­ness, but of course also in loca­tion mar­ke­ting. The association’s board of direc­tors and manage­ment the­r­e­fore warmly wel­come the foundation’s entry and look for­ward to working with foun­ding direc­tor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Timo Map­pes and his team.

With the joi­ning of the Ger­man Opti­cal Museum Foun­da­tion (D.O.M.), nine new play­ers have joi­ned the net­work since the begin­ning of the year. This means that for the first time in the history of the clus­ter asso­cia­tion, 113 mem­bers are active in the association.

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